About Us

How We Started Island Vibes

Island Vibes Kava Bar opened in 2018, but started as a conversation between its founders seven years prior.

Our mission has been to focus on first-class product to the community and provide an atmosphere of belonging. In August 2018, the original Island Vibes Kava Bar location opened in West Palm Beach, bringing the best noble kava through company specific practices.

Island Vibes Kava Bar has always emphasized community, product, and process. Due to the atmosphere and the superior kava and tea, Island Vibes has expanded to three locations in Palm Beach County in hopes to continue the expansion of the kava community, and promising to never sacrifice quality and culture.

We believe in our people (our community) and our faith in having a home away from home, free from drama, has been returned in ways Island Vibes could have never imagined.

Learn About Our Process

From choosing the best product available and vetting and tasting each batch of kava and tea, to using tradition and culture to guide our process, we pride ourselves on being the best. 

Our noble kava is directly sourced from the Polynesian Islands. Each of our bartenders is trained thoroughly on the traditional process and handling of kava and ensures that each batch reaches the optimal level of kavalactones to provide prime relaxation and stress relief.

You can expect that our herbal teas, both green and white Maeng-da, will provide you with focus, clarity, energy and relief. The tea is expertly brewed and strained at specific temperatures to extract the ideal level of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Our customers have come to rely on our consistency and recipe to effectively achieve their goals.